Lake Garda weather has a very mild and pleasant climate, drew throughout history, many nobles, artists and travelers of all ages. Come along to enjoy the Lake Garda weather… in your Lake Garda Villa!


Lake Garda Weather – Mediterranean Vegetation

Lake Garda weather has a climate characterized by cool summers, sweet autumns and winters rich in heavy rains. This allows growth lush Mediterranean vegetation: vineyards, olive trees, lemons, oranges, palm trees, cypresses and oleanders draw wonderful landscapes rich intense aromas throughout the territory. Contact us for further information!


Lake Garda Weather – Hills

Not far from the gentle hills of Lake Garda, this extraordinary landscape shows the snowy peaks of Mount Baldo and the nearby mountains and the moraine hills. These mountain areas are rich flora typical of alpine areas, demonstrating the great variety of Lake Garda weather, changing the climate in just few kilometers.


Lake Garda Weather – Winter

Sometimes in winter the Lake Garda weather reaches a climate with a minimum temperature below zero but, in general, Lake Garda weather remains well above zero, thanks to the beneficial effect of the lake that acts as a natural radiator. Thanks to the mild Lake Garda weather, here the fog practically never comes.


Lake Garda Weather – Snow

The Lake Garda weather has a climate that sometimes surprises. The snow, that wind carries from the pre-Alps and the nearby mountains, takes a few fleeting appearance on the Lake Garda territory and, even if it dissolves within a few days, has time to whiten the landscape of Garda, making it even more magical. The Lake Garda weather is also this! Contact us for details.


Lake Garda Weather – Average Temperatures

Here are the average temperatures of Lake Garda weather:

December – February: air 5° – 15°, water 6° – 10°
March – May: air 15° – 24°, water 9° – 18°
June – August: air 24° – 32°, water 17° – 27°
September: air 20° – 28°, water 17° – 22°
October – November: air 10° – 15°, water 10° – 20°


Lake Garda Weather – Windsurf & Sail Boat

A feature of the Lake Garda weather is the cool wind that softens the summer heat on the shores and on the hills. The Lake Garda weather, with its thermal winds, attracts all year round windsurfers and sailing all over Europe. But, boat lovers should not underestimate the Lake Garda weather, which can be spectacular and dangerous as that of the sea. Contact us for further information!


Lake Garda Weather – the North Wind

From the north of Lake Garda often blows the wind named “sover” (also known as “soar” or “peler”) especially in winter, early spring and summer at night time. It can reach up to 25 knots, descending from low Trentino around 3 am and runs through the Lake Garda from North to South, picking up speed. It lasts approximately until 11:00. It is one of the most typical winds of Lake Garda weather.


Lake Garda Weather – the South Winds

From south instead blows a wind named “Ora”, which regularly blows in summer, climbing around 10.00 and strengthened in the afternoon to calm down in the evening. Amongst Lake Garda weather winds, the most varied and irregular ones are in the lower lake, where in different directions blow the winds named “ander” (also known as “andro”) from southwest the wind named “vinessa”, from southeast the wind named “visentina”, from east-southeast the winds named “traersù” and “boaren”.


Lake Garda Weather – Stronger Winds

The strongest wind of Lake Garda weather is named “balì”. it can exceed 40 knots and it descends from the mountains from north of Riva, generated by a sharp drop in temperature. Indeed, Lake Garda weather is characterized by winds named “rèfoli”, which are sudden gusts of wind that can also cause difficulties for the less experienced, but are much loved by fans of windsurfing and sailing, which often seek them. Contact us for details.